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Opal is Australia’s most valuable gemstone. This delicate gem is available in both colour and colourless form. Regarded as the harbinger of beauty, charm, wealth and grace it leads one to have a luxurious life. Bestowing the wearer with abundant prosperity, Opal helps one succeed on the business front too.

This semi-precious stone of White Sapphire can be worn irrespective of the horoscope.

Imagine how an enigmatic stone like this enameled in jewelry would beautify your appearance and make you stand out of the crowd.

Bring a hint of enchantment to your earring collection, with the elite assortment of Opal Earrings by James Viana. Fashionable, exclusive and iridescent, these designs are but cutting edge yet highly fashionable and will be a talking point amongst your peers. Opal gemstones are glinting brightly with infinite hues; these earrings stand singularly in the world of accessories.

Said to be the gem of beauty, charm and near holy divine grace, a mystical, otherworldly quality defines the Opal. Influential to lovers, in particular, its powers of passion will draw out the same in you.

Let these Opal Earrings by James Viana seduce you gently to the world where all is beauty and the dazzle and allurement of your personality never fade. Be a source inspiration and envy as you where this marvelous collection of earrings by James Viana.

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