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A sign of royalty from days gone by, these Opal bracelets inspire feelings of eminence and nobility. Designs echoing lavishness and grandeur, these bracelets by James Viana are beyond mere accessories. They are your gateway to the world of contemporary sophistication and style.

With its ability to diffract or scatter light giving the Opal a rainbow-like appearance, there is an air of mystical allurement exuded by it. Mined from the Australian outback, it is said that it takes almost 5 million years for 1 cm of Opal to solidify. The stories surrounding this gemstone are as magical as they are mysterious. Wouldn’t you want a piece of this legacy?

Opals have been the inspiration for artists, writers, and other creative’s since what seems like the beginning of time. The history too reveals that Opal was the favourite gemstone of the royalties. Queen Elizabeth II, throughout her reign, wore opals herself and gave them to her daughters as gifts. The Queen's relentless efforts made Opal famous within the public.

The designs by James Viana will ensure that your delight will exceed expectations as you try on these Opal bracelets for the first time. The various cuts and intricacies will compliment your supple wrists and your elegant attire. Let these bracelets complete the look you desire.

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