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One of the most unique gemstones, the Onyx comes in the deepest and most profound hues of black. It’s a gemstone that is eternally meant to be more and so we’ve crafted these rings, a symbol of everlasting rarity. Exactly how you want it to be.

Inlaid in these rings are those exotic Onyx gemstones that were selected by experienced hands at James Viana. So, the quality and assurance of beauty is all but guaranteed. It is a guarantee meant to last, just the gemstone itself. The brilliant designs and innovative shapes adapt to your decked up or casual look. The carefully etched rings are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

Besides its unique lustre, the Onyx gemstone is also said to have protective powers and guards its wearers against harm. It is a symbol that fills the soul with courage in the face of adversity.

It encourages self-realisation, makes one determined and is extremely beneficial for centring and aligning the person with great powers of self- control. Boosting immense self-confidence and sense of responsibility Onyx encourages self-esteem and willingness to participate in healthy debates and discussions. Not only this, the charming black stone improves the ability to express. By triggering intelligent thought and logic, it improves concentration and provides a practical outlook towards life.

Now isn’t that a ring you’d like around your finger?

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