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Imagine smouldering sterling silver capturing solid black Onyx! Won’t your heart skip a beat? Capturing that essence of the magical stone the indelible beauty of the Onyx will be visible for all to see once you wear any of these finely crafted necklaces. You’ll never go unnoticed with your choice of this rare deeply-rich dark-hued gemstone. The remarkable designs by James Viana will furthermore add to your iridescence.

Truly commanding a fleet of beauty beyond this world, the Onyx is one of the favourite gemstones of both the Romans and the Greeks. Extremely beneficial for the athletes, it is also said to provide a heightened sense of awareness that is around you while also awakening all your hidden potential. When adapted to jewellery, Onyx magically influences all the Chakras, spurs them, and makes them function efficiently in sync with one another to derive maximum benefits for its wearers. There can be no greater combination of utility with glamour.

Dictating a striking statement, the collection of these stunning necklaces reflects both the feminine and the edgy. As you browse through the collection at James Viana, you will be astounded at the level of craftsmanship our expert hands have put to bring you designs that stand out and give you the confidence to radiate your beauty no matter where you go.

The Onyx Necklaces by James Viana you just won’t feel like taking off.

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