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Onyx, the stone of self-mastery, efficiently captures and grounds psychic attack, protects against adversaries, Black Magic and blocks harmful influences. It heals various disorders and stimulates all the senses, fosters decision-making and provides the wearer with strength, both physical and mental. Hence, jewellery embellished with Onyx will not only glorify your external appearance but will help you sparkle internally too.

Bringing all the right notes together beautifully in these ensemble pieces, the Onyx Jewellery Sets by James Viana are a picture of perfection. A melange that matches your vigour to stay in vogue, each of these sets carry a personality of their own which will only add to yours.

Based around the fabled Onyx gemstone, the theme and the characteristics of that particular gem are prevalent throughout the each piece of jewellery in the set. Engraved in different manners, the Onyx is most definitely the heart of this ensemble. James Viana has brought out finest qualities of the gemstone, no matter from where you observe.

Bringing together the perfect medley of jewellery pieces to form a set is no mean task. So, with these Onyx Jewellery Sets, we’ve done that job for you! You’ll be nothing but delighted as you try on the set and see how it further increases your glow.

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