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Black is prominently known as a dramatic colour. Authoritative and influential; it possesses power to evoke strong emotions. Sophisticated in its appeal, the colour never fails to grab ones attention. Be it a dress or a gemstone jewellery, black dictates it own statement.

Amongst gemstones Onyx - the pure black stone never fails to cast its spell. The story goes that the Onyx gemstone originated from the Goddess of beauty herself, Venus. So the gemstone is undoubtedly the epitome of beauty and magnificence.

Birthstone for the month of December and extremely beneficial for Leo and Capricorn Onyx the stone of strength, stability, and happiness makes an ideal birthday gift. Versatile and elegant Onyx jewellery is a perfect choice for daily wear too. The collection of jewellery from James Viana pays tribute to this almost mythical stone.

Our assortment of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. are all entirely embedded with the Onyx and are a must for any collection. The deep, rich blacks of the Onyx will add a depth of meaningful elegance to your accessories. These gems of extraterrestrial origin are now in your reach.

James Viana has spared no effort in searching out for and finally bringing to you only the best Onyx gemstones, priceless in nature and flawless in make. All the indiscriminate cuts that we possess will leave you astounded, so begin your search. A delightful decision awaits!

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