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Alain Boucheron rightly says it - A woman wears both jewellery and fragrance and both recall happy moments of her life. A right piece of jewellery has a long-lasting recall value and the perfect earrings are paramount to completing the look you wish to carry. The classic designs offer an elegant and simple layer to your look, complimenting any outfit.

So, if you are yearning to be that woman and make the right choice, the Onyx Earrings from James Viana will be your trusted companions to venture out and redefine beauty.

Onyx shares a special affinity with both Leo and Capricorn. Its planets are Mars and Saturn, and the element is fire. Projecting abundant of positive energy it reinforces intellect and fosters a better understanding of life and death. Thus making one practical and strong. Eliminating fear and anxiety, when worn as jewellery it promotes trust and brings a feeling of safety and security.

A dazzling gemstone, Onyx reflects the colours of a star-filled night sky, the Onyx stands unique among our catalogue. Believed to invigorate moments of reunion and reconciliation, it is said to be the guiding light that calls out to star-crossed lovers. It would thus make the ideal anniversary present.

The James Viana collection of Onyx Earrings brings sophistication in design seldom seen before. Ingrained with flawless gemstones, these earrings are made to dazzle, both you and your peers. You definitely can’t go wrong by choosing any of these designs; they have all been made to an extraordinary level of perfection.

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