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Adorning many a sculptures and monuments through the ages, let the Onyx now embellish and enrich your collection of jewellery. These Onyx Bracelets by James Viana have been crafted by the finest artisans. They will bring to life exciting new ideas of what beauty truly means. You could be at the forefront of this.

Just trying on these bracelets, you’ll notice they support and add elegance to your supple wrists. They ingrained gemstones creating intricate patterns that almost seem to tell a story. These aren’t just meant to be accessories; rather they’re made to elevate your inner confidence as well.

By clinging on to these Onyx studded bracelets one will be able to move over the failed and conflicting relationships of the past with ease. Like a perfect companion, these pieces of jewellery will bring in solace and help succeed in business and professional life. Not only this, Onyx is used as a worry stone in the Middle East. When worn it can alone sharpen the wits of the person wearing the gemstone, repel negative energy, helps him become the master of his own fate.

Reflecting some of the great masterpieces throughout the ages, no effort has been spared to create an enduring piece of jewellery that you will forever cherish. So browse through and choose your favourite piece, we promise you will be spoilt for choice.

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