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 James Viana: Purity Guaranteed

The stunning collections Silver Jewellery from James Viana have received hallmarks from the prestigious London Assay office that has been in operation for over 700 years on all articles made either wholly or partly with Silver, with weight of the precious metal being more than 7.78 grams.  

Rest assured, all of the products from James Viana have been tested for quality by through the strictest measures and are completely authentic. With the aid of experts, we ensure that we bring to you only the finest products available.


We promise you to provide you with everlasting jewellery that you will treasure.


Hallmark: What it means

It is an official mark or a succession of official markings struck on items made of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum to validate their value. Not to be confused with Trademarks, Hallamrks are applied by a trusted governing body, usually an assay office.

Formal metal testing techniques are used to define the purity and fineness of the metal. Once a metal has been tested through various methods of assay like Touchstone, X-Ray, Fire assay etc. it is given a special marking that proves its authenticity.


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