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A much-beloved jewel and the symbol of the sun in Europe, the Garnet truly is a brilliant gemstone to add to your collection. What better way to do so than donning perfectly crafted Garnet Necklaces from James Viana? These necklaces are the epitome of radiance and will quickly become the centre of your collection.

Harnessing awareness and all the spiritual energies contained therein; these are the perfect stones to aid in helping you to manifest your desires and needs into reality. Just like the law of attraction these stones will not only help you keep your mind on your goal but will also contribute to speed the process.

Seen in Greek Mythology as a symbol of undying love and eternity, this everlasting virtue has been accurately captured by our expert designers who have given this stunning gemstone the altar it deserves. Now, you too can be an inseparable part of this heritage.

The fiery crimson of the Garnet attracts many and for good reason, it carries iridescence rarely present in other gemstones. With the melange of necklaces we have, every aspect of the beauty of the Garnet has been covered. Enamoured flawlessly with alluring designs these necklaces are bound to make your heart throb.

All you need to is take your pick.

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