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Our designer Garnet Jewellery Sets are as uniquely beautiful as the women who adorn them. These timeless sets vary from trendy to modern and beyond.

Featuring Garnet these sets beckon the qualities of this unique gemstone. Carefully crafted each piece is enamoured with care and etched to perfection.

Indulge in the finest assortment of Garnet Jewellery pieces brought together to compliment your look in every way possible. These pieces have been carefully chosen to form sets that harmoniously blend and give you the complete picture of Garnet’s incredible beauty. The Garnet jewellery is one of the hallmarks of our collection.

The perfect gifting item, these sets are a proud part of the James Viana Collection. The route of the Garnet runs deep and is meant to fill the soul with a lasting feeling of passion. So, any of these sets will be the right choice to present to your better half.

The gemstones in these pieces have been cut and shaped to a variety of selections, each carrying its unique personality. Choose at your leisure, this brilliant melange of Garnet jewellery till you find one that is to your taste. We can understand if that’s a difficult choice to make.

We are excited to invite you to browse the splendid collection, and we're sure you'll find something to match your refined taste and style.

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