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James Viana unveils a remarkable collection of Garnet Jewellery - a great gemstone for over 500 decades.

The birthstone of January, these gemstones are believed to possess supernatural curative and protective power, for example, balance, discipline and fearlessness. Few cultures also associate garnet to sexuality, bounty and fertility.

Crimson, seed-like and a favourite right from the Victorian ages, the Garnet has a rich heritage preceding it. It is one of the most flawless gems in the market. A gift of love meant to last for an eternity, the lustre of the Garnet deserves its special place among other gemstones. It is a symbol that is pervasive through every language all over the world. Ideally this traditional gem is gifted on a second anniversary. Garnets are mostly available in red and crimson shades. Blue Garnets are also available but are very rare.

The Garnet jewellery at James Viana pays tribute to this precious stone through finely crafted designs and intricate details meant to exceed further its reputation as a wondrous gemstone.

In our collection, you will find rings, earrings, pendants, etc. that hero this wonderful gem and finally give you the choices you’ve been waiting for. Handpicked after meticulous research, the Garnets at James Viana indeed live up to any modern day standards.

Let us show you the best that the Garnet can do because, nothing less than that will do.

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