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Why settle for anything else, when the best is within your reach?

A perfect gem, in the right colour, on the right person makes for a remarkable piece of jewellery and is all about personal expression.

Exquisite earring designs can elevate any wardrobe to greater heights. Embellished with clear Garnet gemstones, these earrings will add a sheen of beauty to your look and a layer of inner confidence as well!

The Garnet is famous for adorning the walls of Bohemian Churches and castles. Now, James Viana is bringing this royal treasure to you through these stunning earrings. Isn’t that music to your ears? Coming in different shapes and sizes, these earrings are the perfect fit for any occasion.

Carefully selected by our gem experts who have a razor-sharp eye and refined skill-set for selecting just the perfect piece these earrings are bound to delight you.

Let opulence take centre stage as you display your stunning Garnet Earrings collection from James Viana. From classic, understated designs to vibrant designs overflowing with vitality and glamour, there’ll be no dearth of choices here. All you have to do is find your favourite.

So let these charming earrings grant fulfilment to your desires and also are a perfect and enduring gift for the woman in your life who not only yearns for something different but also covets good vibes.


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