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Every diva yearns for a beautiful bracelet that is her classic favourite and adds glamour to her jewellery collection. A piece of jewellery that clings to her hand, glorifies her stature, oozes class and leaves her peers awestruck. A bracelet that completes her look and accompanies her like a perfect companion.

Bracelets can add so much to any wardrobe, elegance, class while also tying your entire outfit together.

The Garnet Bracelets from James Viana have been created and designed to be the perfect image of understated elegance that you seek. The burgundy vibrancy emitted by the Garnet is indeed hard to find.  The fabulous collection of simple & delicate bracelets is highly fetching.

These bracelets will shimmer wondrously while around your wrist, and you’ll never feel like taking them off. Not just that, the Garnet itself is said to be a healer of depression and bringer of success. So you’ll both look and feel radiant as you wear these bracelets.

We at James Viana realise how important it is to feel beautiful, both inside and outside. And so, these bracelets have been designed to give you the confidence to be your splendid self!

Select your favourite one and charm your way into playful fashion with these gorgeous bracelets. A delightful mix of style, colour and texture, this fun piece is perfect for your everyday wear.

Your gorgeous bracelet will arrive beautifully wrapped in one of our explicitly designed gift boxes, to ensure that the bracelet reaches you in perfect condition.

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