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Feel Beautiful



“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

– Diane Mariechild


Infinite. Seldom has a word described a woman more aptly. As Diane Mariechild rightly said, women possess the ability to instigate, to sustain and to mold life itself. Their beauty, strength and convictions know no bounds and rarely can obstacles hold them back. However, these qualities have time and again been understated. But the time has come to realize the limitlessness of the power of a woman.

Inner strength personified, through the ages women have been known to accomplish impossible tasks. Faced with insurmountable odds, they are able to delve into vast stores of courage and bravery to come out on top. The warm but steadfast silhouette of a woman has shaped so many aspects of today. Whether it’s positions of influence or authority, women are making their presence felt. We at James Viana wish to accentuate this trend. We believe that it is important for a woman to feel empowered and beautiful, both inside and out.

We have initiated a program to ensure that all women are able to enjoy the true essence of beauty and live with liberty. Since beauty is as much about how you feel in addition to how you look, we at James Viana not only bring you Avant-grade jewellery but also contribute 10% of our profits to women in need of support. When one woman helps another in need, a cycle of positivity begins to bond us all. We wish to be an initiator of a better world.

How do we do this? With every piece of jewellery sold, we devote a part of our profits to women's charities who help these women by teaching them life skills and making them independent. We also work with partners who initially train women in the craft of jewellery making and consequently employ them in the industry. As such, we aim to make as many women financially independent as possible.

Individuality is a gift that needs to be shared in order to be fully appreciated. Every woman is unique and we believe in celebrating this diversity while giving each one their due. Why? Because, It is independent thinking that sets an individual apart from the crowd; it’s their choices and ideals. We wish to grant this autonomy and sovereignty to as many women as possible. The freedom of living life as you wish must be supported by the ability to do so. We wish to bridge this gap through concerted efforts.

There still remains a need to improve the quality of life of women everywhere. There is a prevalent inequality in the advantages enjoyed by women from country to country. By imparting essential life skills as well as showing great care in voicing women’s opinions, we strive to be at the forefront of enabling the Modern Woman and erasing the current inequality. Every little bit holds the key to making a larger impact. We must never forget the contribution every single drop makes to the ocean.Eventually, it is we ourselves who must help each other out. When thoughts become ideas, ideas become plans and when plans result in action, that’s when the moments in life are truly worthwhile. With your aid, we at James Viana, seek to forge a more worthwhile world for women.

As we find ourselves now, on the cusp of another era defining moment, there is a need to stand together under a common roof. Beauty shouldn’t merely be embellishing your visage but coursing through your very veins. It should be the gateway to a feeling of empowerment that is all too rare. That is when you are Beautiful Inside Out.



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