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Whether it is the gorgeous sea greens or the darker shades of the woods, the Emerald represents that best of all that is beautiful in this world. James Viana has managed to capture the effervescent essence of this beauty through our treasured collection of Emerald rings. Staying in touch with all the modern trends while bringing an individual class of its own, each ring stays true to your personality.

A part of the ‘precious four’ of the most priceless gemstones in the world, the Emerald deserves all the applauses that have come its way. Radiant and as near as could be to flawlessness, the Emerald has scores of stories in its legacy. It was a gemstone revered by many dynasties and mainly worshipped by the Incas and the Aztecs. The Egyptians and the Greeks too have stories of their own to tell about this wondrous gemstone.

Scientifically it stimulates the heart chakra and strikes a cordial balance between physical, emotional and mental equilibrium.

Endowed with such a rich heritage, any modern translation of Emerald jewellery has to be nothing less than immaculate. So, the Emerald rings designed and brought to life by the experts at James Viana pay heed to this fact and let the gemstone shine as it deserves. It is truly a collection with the thought of you right in the centre and the Emerald at its heart.

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