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The Giver of life and an eternal symbol of the beauty of springtime, no gemstone can reside in your heart like the Emerald. It is prominently known as the “stone of successful love”. Let its charm transport you to an elegant world while its innate spark sets your soul ablaze with desire. The epitome of all the grace that this gemstone holds is the Emerald Pendants crafted lovingly by James Viana.

A story of constancy and change, the Emerald is a gemstone that has withstood the test of time as an immovable reminder of undying love. People since ages believed it to be an enormously powerful stone. Taking a cue from the Roman Goddess Venus, who was defined by the colour green, the Emerald too has gained great significance over the years. Many famous Emeralds are now an esteemed part of Museum Collections all over the world and hark back to a time when beauty lavishly adorned this planet.

What better way to celebrate this artistic allure than to craft incredible pendants from this timeless gemstone. You will be left enchanted and dazzled by the hardly believable magnetism that these pendants emit. Feel it awakening your senses as James Viana brings you a collection of Emerald pendants that will deservedly sit atop your jewellery collection.

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