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Numerous times you’ve probably imagined yourself in that exquisite Evening Gown, walking down the aisle with countless eyes gazing at you adoringly. However, have you ever tried to do so while wearing the perfect necklace? To bring reality to these fantasies, James Viana has crafted the undoubtedly magnificent collection of Emerald Necklaces. It is made with your desires in mind and so has been developed in your image of beauty.

Creativity is a beloved state of mind where anything seems possible and nothing is beyond your abilities. Also called the ‘Poet’s Stone’, the Emerald often ignites that spark of creativity that one needs when stuck in a conundrum. Said to bring forth treasured abundance and prosperity for any wearer, the Emerald is a gemstone of numerous abilities and benefits. History reveals that Emeralds have always been prized and worn by royalty and celebrities. Be it Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra or Alexander The Great, all of them adorned themselves with this magical gem.

Meticulous and intricate, the Emerald Necklace designs by James Viana are a class apart because of the attention to detail that they display. You will discover new meaning to the world beauty as you gaze at the embellished designs that the James Viana artisans have bestowed upon these necklaces. Never again will your perfect look be left wanting for the right necklace. The Emerald Necklaces from James Viana are your true companions.

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