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Don’t we all endeavour to attain perfection? To find ways to show truly what and how we are underneath and how limitless we feel. Well, it is time to display this potential to the world through the revered collection of Emerald Jewellery Sets crafted by James Viana. You too will discover your true inner beauty once you try on this opulent collection.

A history stretching back to over thousands of years, Emeralds were said to be sold to the highest bidder in the markets of the ancient city of Babylon. They symbolised a moment of eternity captured in time, something only a few people would have the privilege of gazing upon. Exorbitant amounts have been spent throughout history to bring the rarest Emeralds to one’s possession.

Now, it is your turn to adorn yourself with this regal gemstone and you needn’t go searching the seven seas for it either. All you need to do is choose from the varied collection of Emerald Jewellery Sets by James Viana. With them, you get the most impeccable Emeralds ingrained into the very soul of the collection to bring to you jewellery that is pure to its very core.

As it is rightly mentioned in the ‘Book of Shadows’ that Emerald is the stone of loyalty and strong love. It opens and activates heart chakra and brings harmony to all the areas of one's life.

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