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Have you ever felt that your earring collection lacked that intangible dazzle that your other jewellery seemed to possess? It is no mean task to make earring designs unique so that they can truly stand out. Which is why James Viana has created this glittering collection of Emerald earrings for you. Now, your earrings will be the centre of attraction that you always wanted them to be!

The Emerald derived its name from the French word "Emeraude” and the Greek root "Smaragdos” which means 'the green gemstone'. Often called the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, the Emerald is an undying declaration for your adoration. Some feelings simply cannot be translated into words and need something more to give them the depth they deserve. With its ability to grant endless stores of patience along with a spark of inspiration, it is exactly what will bring your love life to the point of rekindled passion once again.

The era of compromising is now at an end and you can finally begin to explore all the options that you’ve ever wanted. The infinite varieties of Emerald earrings in the James Viana collection will ensure that you needn’t rest till you find your favourite. We only aim to delight our customers and these earrings are another step in the fulfilment of that promise.

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