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Luminous, precious, rare and beloved, the Emerald has scores of admiring fans all around the world. Whether they are gemstone aficionados with immense knowledge of its worth or just gemstone lovers who simply can’t look away from its beauty. One thing is for sure, it does not matter which side you’re on, you will love the gleaming collection of Emerald bracelets designed by James Viana. One look is all you need to find love with these sophisticated bracelets.

A long-standing ability of the Emerald was the power to affect the sight and intuition of the wearer positively. It is believed that in due time, the Emerald grants foresight to the wearer and so aids them in making wise decisions while avoiding any forthcoming problems. It is this ability that makes the Emerald, the ideal companion even when you are working, travelling, or struggling to make decisions.

Bracelets have a delicate function of adding sophistication to any look while not taking away from the overall image you wish to present. Moreover, they must be able to stand on their own and elevate your wardrobe further. The enigmatic Emerald bracelets from James Viana perform these tasks with nonchalance and will give you the look of sophistication that defines the trends of today.

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