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Showing off a precious stone is now a synonym of style. Can you imagine yourself walking down the street, a glittering Diamond pendant around your neck drawing everyone’s gaze? Isn’t that a true vision of beauty, one that you’ve been looking for a long time? Fret not, James Viana has turned this vision to reality with a breath-taking collection of beautiful Diamond pendants. Authentic and rare, they are the road to your utter elation.

A Diamond speaks a thousand words, and it is said that it imbibes the wearer with a distinct clarity of thought that is required in today’s lifestyles. The process that gives birth to Diamonds is known to be thousands of years in the making and it’s this gestating period that allows nature to create something so pure. With the right Diamond, you will actually be able to derive and access your innermost reservoirs of strength.  

This is the moment to bring out those beautiful hidden qualities and let them do all the talking. You deserve to have your iridescence complimented and you undoubtedly deserve the radiance of these pendants. Because “Kissing your hand may make you feel very good, but a diamond lasts forever.” - Anita Loos.

Give in to the secrets they hold and let James Viana be your trustworthy guide into the wonderful world of Diamond pendants.

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