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Mae West the veteran American actress once said, “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the carats in a diamond”.

If eternal beauty is what you seek, then seldom does anything come close to the reverence given to a Diamond. The highest grade Diamonds are extremely rare and so highly valuable. James Viana has discovered the best of these gemstones and brought them together in this delicate collection. Necklaces hold a special part in the heart of many around the world and we have kept this idea at the forefront of this collection.

Whether it is the Queen’s Crown Jewels, ornate ancient palaces or stories of royalty displaying magnificent collections, the Diamond has had a regal history. A symbol of great wealth and prosperity it also displays one’s tastes in elegance and natural beauty over the artificial aspects of the world around us. As flawless as can be, Diamonds embody the awe-inspiring powers of nature to create the ethereal on Earth.

Diamond Necklaces are that perfect companion that will leave your peers wide-eyed at any event you attend. Meticulously crafted by James Viana with an eye on the smallest details, these are the Diamond necklaces you’ve been looking for so long. Now, let your desire turn to fruition as you bring home and add to your collection Diamond necklaces that will last you an eternity.

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