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Completeness is what the soul yearns for in every endeavour. That is exactly what James Viana brings to you through our incredible collection of Diamond Jewellery Sets. Diamonds symbolise purity, encourage personal growth and foster good relationships.

You’ll feel your wishes being granted and life coming full circle as you browse the numerous varieties at hand. Coming to you in an embellished jewellery box, these jewellery sets will be the prized possession of your wardrobe.

Sparkling at the apex of your gemstone collection, the Diamond deserves its place at the very top amongst its distinguished brethren. Renowned as the ‘King of Crystals’ the value of a Diamond is derived from 4 important C’s; Cut, Clarity, Colour and Weight. A blend of these factors will tell you what the best Diamonds are. Authentic in every way, you’ll truly understand what priceless means once you discover the right Diamond.

Only the rarest of the rare Diamonds are the ones available at James Viana and our craftsman have ever so delicately imbibed the pure soul of this beautiful gemstone into this collection. You won’t be lacking for anything as you put on any of these wonderful collections or gift them to your loved one. Could there be a better present than a stone that is plush with divine energy and fosters strength in emotional, spiritual and physical realms.

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