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It has been said time and again, a Diamond is a lady’s best friend. They are not only elusive and most coveted but also possess many healing properties. An ideal gemstone for the ones born in the month of April they foster creativity and an effective aid for allergy.

We at James Viana truly believe that only the most priceless and flawless Diamonds deserve your wonderful loyalty and companionship. So, we have sourced only the highest grade Diamonds from every corner of the world to be a part of the prized jewellery collection at James Viana.

The hardest substance known to man, it is also arguably the most beautiful and unique. Almost every gemstone’s beauty and clarity is compared to that of a Diamond. Taking years and years to achieve this final splendid shape, a Diamond’s popularity knows no boundaries. For the right gemstone, no price is too high as it adds irrevocable lustre to any collection and embellishes one’s beauty immeasurably.

From earrings to rings, from pendants to necklaces and bracelets to spectacular jewellery sets, James Viana’s collection of Diamond jewellery is your one destination for a thousand desires. Bring them all to life as you select the pieces that suit you the best and finally indulge in what it feels like to wear true Diamonds. It truly is indescribable, all you can do is feel it.

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