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Jewellery is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewellery really interests me - Ann Demeulemeester

Emotions like love, care, commitment and carousel are artfully depicted in these delicately sculpted bracelets by James Viana. This earnest portrait of unconditional love is set in bracelets with an original clamp and embellished with stunning designs. Savour the beautiful sentiment of this special love forever with our collection.

An essential part of any well-thought out jewellery collection, bracelets are meant to compliment the entire set while still standing out. They can be the centre of attraction as well! The Cubic Zircon Bracelets from James Viana will are indeed well-suited to your desires.

Studded with the gemstone of April, these bracelets are a sight to behold and bring in sheen of opulence and clarity to your collection, Cubic Zircon gemstones are characterised by vibrance

like no other. They shine as bright as diamonds while being more receptive to being cut into various shapes.

The bracelets from James Viana are intricately crafted with beautiful designs and bring out the elegance that lies in the small details. Pair it with our Cubic Zircon Earrings and necklaces to celebrate a perfect party season. It is there that the care is given to our bracelets truly shines. Each variety is in line with the trends of today, the voguish and the classic.

It’s time to gift yourself another twinkling piece for your collection. Bestow your loved ones with a unique gift from James Viana.

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