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The universal language of love is enhanced by emotions, gestures, flowers, colours, gifts, heirlooms. And, of course, jewels and precious timepieces. Such fine pieces will be valued over time, not only for their unique designs and rare materials but also for the designer’s passionate narration of his/her thoughts and feelings.

A jewellery collection can speak a thousand words without saying anything. Are you a gemstone lover, connoisseur, artisan, collector or everything at once? But no matter what role you play, the Citrine should figure in your collections in many shapes and sizes. So, the rings from James Viana offer a unique opportunity to complete your collection and give it an added layer of beauty.

Shining bright like the sun and displaying a range of colours from the lighter to darker yellows, a spectrum of joy in your world. The Citrine is known around the world for being a part of many designer jewellery collections due to its flexibility and lustre.  Add to that its ability to clear your mind and give you positive thoughts and the Citrine is a gemstone for all occasions.

James Viana has let its artisans come up and execute the most chic and sophisticated ring designs that will delight you no end! Taking all the best aspects of modern styles, these rings are intricately embedded with authentic Citrine gemstones at their heart. Let these Citrine rings by James Viana adorn your delicate fingers and add splendour to your collection.

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