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A gemstone perfectly suited to jewellery making, the Citrine lends itself beautifully to our sophisticated and elegant pendant designs. Rising above the ordinary, a pendant is that piece of jewellery which signifies a special occasion. Such moments deserve to be recognised and the lustrous Citrine Pendants from James Viana are a stellar token to do just that.

Called ‘the merchant’s gemstone’ due to their ability to attract wealth and good fortune, the Citrine is found at many workplaces. It is also said to clear up self-doubt and lead to decisions that are beneficial in the long-term.

Scientifically Citrine is believed to discard the negative aura and rope in peace. Its warming, energising, and highly creative, attributes are said to impart flexibility and openness to new experiences. A blend of beauty, opulence and ability, the Citrine is undoubtedly one of the most popular gemstones to be part of a collection.

Created to channelise one’s desire in a single heartbeat, surprise and delight, these pendant designs carry an individualistic style of their own. They will compliment your notions to stand out while being yourself while avoiding the over-the-top looks that can put people off. Walking a thin line quite easily, the Citrine Pendants by James Viana take the purest gemstones and turn them into your most prized possession!

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