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Do you spend countless hours pouring over necklace designs, trying to find the right one? James Viana is going to end your worries with our indelible collection of Citrine necklaces, available in numerous designs, so you will have more than one favourite! Bringing the best of the Citrine world to you, these necklaces will bring your dreams to reality.

A gemstone famous since the early years, the Citrine was well known to be worn by Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Accoladed as the entrepreneur's stone it is believed to both acquire and maintain wealth. When inherited as jewellery it attracts love, happiness and guards against jealousy.

The gemstone is also found around the world as an integral part of the Art Deco world in numerous masterpieces. Its earthy tones combined with reasonable pricing have attracted buyers from all parts of the world. The variety of cuts available is another significant attractive point of this gemstone.

In the world of necklaces, there exists a tremendous amount of choices to be made, if you only you look in the right places. The Citrine necklaces from James Viana will be the signature piece of jewellery that take you to another plane when it comes to accessories. All that remains to be done is for you to select a favourite.

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