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Women of today are extra cautious of their femininity and value, and they are not afraid to portray their social status and wear precious, valuable and high-impact jewels.

The ideal pair of earrings can perk up a bad day and pick up any wardrobe choice! These Citrine earrings dictate resilience and beauty as they go above and beyond the everyday and bring that missing sparkle to your collection through their rare iridescence. A herald of beauty that knows no bounds, the Citrine will leave your senses aglow with limitless joy and satisfaction.

True to its nature, the Citrine promises to bring a gleam of inspiration to any visage. An integral part of the modern trend in gemstones, the Citrine has experienced a resurgence in popularity and has now become a must have in every gemstone or jewellery collection. Said to purify the system and clear one’s mind and body of toxic thoughts and substances, this gemstone is a symbol of nirvana.

A gemstone as beautiful as the Citrine needs to be showcased in all its glory through inimitable and unique designs. The earrings from James Viana exude the charm that has the potential to bring out the best in a lady and are a recognition of these qualities and thus bring an uncommon charm to each individualistic design. With these earrings, you will truly want for nothing except another flawless Citrine.

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