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When beauty is concerned, then there should be no question of a compromise. At James Viana, we don’t believe in settling for just any design or gemstone. Rather we create only the best using the highest grade gemstones and our collection of Citrine Bracelets is a tribute to that.

Searching for inspiration far and wide, our artisans have outdone themselves when it comes to these bracelets. As the intertwining of sterling silver and precious stones is no doubt in vogue, we at James Viana have fabricated classic bracelets that ooze class and complement the taste of your sophisticated lady love.

Capturing an image of the sun itself on its surface, the Citrine’s golden-yellow hue is its greatest asset. Also called the ‘stone of success’ it tends to bring prosperity to any household where it resides. The ideal stone to keep near you during a meditation session, it will centre your soul and bring peace to your senses. The Citrine is truly a gemstone for the ages that makes men handsome and intelligent, and women fertile and pleasant.

Don’t let your desires go out with a whimper but instead, let them lead the way. With these wondrous Citrine Bracelets, you will know what true joy feels like. A style that is magnificent to behold yet ever so gracefully understated is the modern jewellery way. These bracelets will take you on this journey.

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