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There is something surreal and captivating about the quiet energy of aquamarine. This serene stone has the most beautiful amalgamation of both blue-green colours seen in the gemstone fraternity.

Like water symbolises life and is the harbinger of new beginnings, the Aquamarine gemstone captures its untamed and unbridled spirit of rejuvenation. The collection of Aquamarine rings by James Viana is like a dip on the side of luxury and splendour that you wished you could always take. Your fingers will want for nothing once they have felt that svelte touch of these rings.

Part of the truly elite ‘Precious Four’ gemstones in the world, the Aquamarine exists in an exclusive group. But that is no wonder for a gemstone that hardly loses its sparkle and has an uncommon vitreous lustre. Its breath-taking reflections of the sea almost show the wearers the glimmers of another life and light a spark of courage in their hearts.

Often referred the “Stone of Courage and Protection” Aquamarine is believed to promote self-expression and enhance spiritual communication.

Wouldn’t you too want to have this amazing experience? Eternally promised to you, these Aquamarine rings are embedded with natural, earth-mined gemstones that come with an assurance of quality. Your dreams filled with Azure have been speaking to you in Aquamarine tongues and now it’s finally your turn to talk back.

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