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Aquamarine, known for its unique blue-green colour range and intrinsic ability to attract attention, can make a winning statement. Bigger, bolder gemstones have become wardrobe essentials, especially with the season’s solid and colour-block ensembles.

A vivid and spirited jewellery collection is able to flow from one eventful evening to the next as smoothly as running water. Not for a moment would you have to stop and think about your jewellery choices. It is in this mould that James Viana has designed the effortlessly scintillating Aquamarine Pendants. Your jewellery collection is about to reach and even exceed its potential.

Stemming from a Latin word which means ‘seawater’, the Aquamarine is simple yet elegant in its display of beauty. Kindling feelings of harmony and trust, its wearer is able to negotiate tricky situations quite easily. Filling you to the absolute brim with good feelings, the gemstone will revive notions of divinity and eternity as it so soulfully reflects the colour of the sky.

Bathed in the efforts of our best craftsman, this collection of Aquamarine pendants is iridescent and ethereal in every way. It is passionately crafted to complement the regal taste. Experts have given it their all to bring to life wonderful designs that will please even the pickiest gemstone lovers. Bring James Viana’s collection of Aquamarine Pendants home and savour the delight they bring to you!

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