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Full of radiating light, the world is yet to truly comprehend the limitless beauty of the Aquamarine gemstone. Which is why the necklace designs from James Viana endeavour to put this resplendent gemstone on a deserving pedestal.

The bold and dramatic pieces showcase James Viana 's fiery creative energy and boundless spirit. Centre stage undoubtedly belongs to the azure brilliance of the Aquamarine and our designs will open your eyes to the same.

Found in almost every spectrum of the colour blue, from the lightest most delicate hues to deep saturated shades that declare the gemstone in all its glory. Believed to both inspire and heal, Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people too.

Fascinating to behold, it is able to allure any who gaze upon it. It is also able to compliment any skin tone and bring out the colour of your eyes in the most delightful manner! There will not be a more suitable gemstone to take out with you for a night in the town.

With these glamorous necklaces by James Viana, the Aquamarine has been well truly authentically represented. Its flexible beauty has given our artisans endless options to create the most innovative designs and engrave the most innovative cuts. A freedom to bring to reality nothing but the best has given James Viana an incredibly vibrant collection of Aquamarine Necklaces.

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