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Often referred as Beryl, Aquamarine has an ancient connection with the sea. Associated with the throat chakra, it symbolises happiness and everlasting youth. An ideal gift for the 16th and 19th anniversary this unique gemstone is believed to overcome depression, grief, insomnia and fear.

Deep and saturated, nothing celebrates the colour blue like a rare Aquamarine gemstone. With its ability to sparkle like the clearest and bluest of shimmering oceans, the Aquamarine is truly nature’s gift to us. James Viana has taken the best of this gemstone and imbibed it into this enigmatic and unique collection of Aquamarine earrings.

The world has seen many famous Aquamarine gemstones for more than a decade worth of history and lore tracing back to how it remains an extremely sought-after gemstone today. Cut into a variety of designer styles and shapes, its beautifully reflective surface gives it a unique sheen. Counted amongst the world’s most beautiful of gemstones, you’ll be hard pressed to discover something better!

A radiant gemstone comes to naught if it isn’t allowed to shine like it truly can. These earring designs by James Viana have been created to revel in the glory of the Aquamarine and take its magnificence to a higher level. Meant to make its wearer unique and desirable, the earring collection exceeds even the most beautiful modern earring designs and set a new standard for jewellery.

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