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The notions of beauty are ever changing and fluid but some things remain forever the same. A gemstone that sparkles from every angle and never loses its sheen displays the ability to be your companion in every situation. The Aquamarine gemstone’s eternal grace and sophistication make it the perfect soul for our astonishingly lovely collection of bracelets. The ideas of beauty that you seek are contained within these bracelets.

Found in many sources of folklore, the Aquamarine’s qualities of clarity and transparency has given it near cult status. It is said to grant happiness and prosperity to marriages and bring balance to deteriorating relationships.

Symbols of the sea, these gemstones are treasured by those who have a love of the water as they can see the eternal ocean on its surface. When worn as jewellery these stones were believed to purify the soul, minimise seasickness and bestow the inheritor with positive energy.

Ever so intricately embedded into the heart of James Viana’s Aquamarine bracelet collection, the gemstone now gets the spotlight it deserves. Designs that defy notions of conventional beauty and chart a course all of their own. With these bracelets, you can finally begin to craft your true identity and bring forth the beauty that lies within, because something truly precious holds its beauty forever.

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