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Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. Ruled by Jupiter, it is extremely beneficial for Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It is an ideal gift for the sixth anniversary.

Characteristically of deep colour and deeper value, the Amethyst thrives in its qualities of abundance. Cherished for its beauty all around the world, it is a fine gemstone for jewellery. So, James Viana’s Amethyst pendants are perfectly poised to bring forth your inner beauty for all to see and behold.

Usually appearing as lustrous six-sided crystals, the lilac and lavender hues of the Amethyst are adept at drawing the eyes of any gemstone lover. Pure in colour and nature, this gemstone is also believed to grant the wearer good dreams. If you feel the world is slipping from beneath your feet, then the Amethyst will help you find your centre. A stone for good health, it boosts hormone production, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, destroys the malignant tumour and fights against Cancer. On a whole it ensures the physical and mental well-being of the person wearing it.

It wouldn’t be truly showstopper jewellery if you couldn’t show it off to your peers. These Amethyst pendants will make heads turn every step of the way and ensure that you bask in the glory you deserve. James Viana creates jewellery meant to shine and you truly deserve to do the same!

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