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A beautiful evening gown or dress is indeed the right start but the perfect necklace is what will take your attire to the level of magnificence you desire. So, why not fulfil your wishes and purchase the ethereal Amethyst Necklaces created by James Viana. If it’s the right choice that you’ve been waiting for, then indeed that time is now.

Noble and kingly in nature and character, the Amethyst and its glorious past was well documented. It is said to be also worn by Queen Catherine the Great of Russia. In India, the Buddhist monks used this stone to foster concentration and meditate. It is considered as both, a powerful healer and a protector.

Associated with the crown and brow chakra, it is said to enhance psychic abilities and alleviate a migraine. Believed to assist divine powers of prophecy and visions, it is a gemstone that will guide you to a better future. Wouldn’t you truly want that in your collection?

You don’t have to choose just any design, James Viana is bringing you the best of the Amethyst through our experienced artisans with an eye for detail. Equally lovely for both the purists as well as the casual lovers of gemstones, the Amethyst will be a unique addition to your collection. It will be your gateway to the age of opulent nobility.

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