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Amethyst is believed to symbolise The Age of Aquarius. It is a multi-faceted gemstone that is valued since ages. Derived from the Greek language, Amethyst is renowned as the Bishop's Stone and is inherited by Catholic Bishops.

The most beautiful and vivid pieces of jewellery brought together like the perfect mosaic. That’s the Amethyst Jewellery set collection from James Viana. Not an ounce of effort has been spared in bringing to life these luscious sets that will now form the glamorous crux of your collection.

Priceless sets such as these have been the legacy of many a dynasties and their display of wealth and prosperity. Bringing these notions to the modern age, the Amethyst still stands well-known for its ability to spell bind the wearer with a becalming sensation that ever so often escapes us in today’s busy lifestyles. With the Amethyst, you will feel in control of every situation you face.

Let the pondering wait as this indeed is the right decision. It is a feeling that is best felt once you put on these magnificent Amethyst Jewellery sets. James Viana and its artisans have gone to every length to ensure that you get only the best of the best. We promise you that you will be nothing but delighted!

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