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A gemstone that’s been catching everyone’s attention during recent times, the Amethyst is indeed a gemstone for the modern age. Part of the Quartz family, it has a distinctive purple to a lilac hue that separates it from other gemstones. It’s enchantingly deep colours and reflective qualities have helped us create Amethyst jewellery that will be a fine addition to your collection.

Bringing its intricate sheen to the fore, James Viana has been successful in creating jewellery to last a lifetime. Whether you choose the rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces or others, you will always be more than satisfied with the quality. These modern yet classical designs will make you the talk of the town among your peers and friends! Now, who doesn’t love that?

Add this stunning stone to your jewellery and waive off psychic attacks. As Amethyst possesses celestial powers, it enhances intuition and intellect. It provides an excellent cure for past life regression and is believed to foster communication with the angels.

Let there be beauty and let there be elegance! The Amethyst is that source of crystalline opulence that will separate you from the rest. Bringing this imperial gemstone into your collection will be a wise decision, indeed. With all the choices available from James Viana, the opportunities to fall in love with the Amethyst are infinite.

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