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Since ages, the Amethyst is believed to bestow its inheritor with vision and power. The science of Feng Shui believed that the amethyst enhances the wealth corner focusing on the exchange of material wealth. In Renaissance era, an amethyst etched with the image of a bear was worn as a protective amulet. While the Greeks and the Romans wore them as charms against evil.

The Amethyst has forever had a strong connection with the Greeks and with the Gods - Dionysus and Diana. Hence it is believed that the gemstone is bestowed with magical abilities. It is used to ward off evil and negative powers while also reducing influence to intoxication. It is a gemstone that is also meant to denote pure loyalty and humility.

Discover the amalgamation of these magical attributes of Amethyst with sterling silver in the jewellery by James Viana.

Small but significant, the importance of earrings cannot be overstated. The first thing to be noticed if done incorrectly, the ideal pair of earrings will compile and complete your look like no other piece of jewellery can. So, give your earrings the importance they deserve and purchase the lovely and sparkling Amethyst earrings from James Viana. Engraved ever so meticulously with the highest grade gemstones, you’ll soon be shining bright!

Earrings meant to encapsulate the senses and allure everyone around you, James Viana has taken the Amethyst to its greatest heights. Whether you attend a formal dinner elegantly dressed to impress or a casual outing with your friends or loved one, your Amethyst earrings will compliment in every way. It is now time to let the Amethyst add to your grace.

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