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Why spend time browsing through a broad range of lilac colour bracelets? How about because the Amethyst for long has not received such royal treatment? James Viana’s Amethyst bracelets break the mould of the traditional and breathe new life into styles that have gone stagnant. With these bracelets, you will be the harbinger of another era of well-crafted jewellery.

Amethyst has been a prized gem for centuries. It is part of incredible jewellery collection globally. Right from ancient Egypt to the British crown jewels, Amethyst has a mention everywhere. Incredible tone, vivid hues and the right amount of saturation make the Amethyst easily one of the most sparkling jewellery gemstones.

Its lilac tone beckons the colour of royalty. Available in numerous shades, it the rarest of quartz and the most highly prized. Amethyst as a gemstone is also well-known is its ability to establish balance in the mind and body while also creating an ambience of peace. They will make the perfect anniversary present for your loved one!

So, as you sift through in your mind, all the every day and regular jewellery that you’ve seen, you will inevitably realise the uniqueness of James Viana’s Amethyst bracelets. Let this opportunity not go begging and let your jewellery collection receive another matchless masterpiece from James Viana.

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